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About us

My Digital Life

Our aim is to be the brand’s ambassador, engaging with potential customers and building relationships with existing ones. We are also focused on gauging sentiment around the brand, using social listening tools in order to monitor feedback and engagement.

Community management is not just about crafting creative or engaging content – it’s also about listening to what members are saying and using this to shape future messages. It is basically digital networking, so it is vital for a community manager to have excellent people skills, too.

Relationship building is at the core of community management!

what we do...

Essentially, we are the liaisons between brands and the public.

In other words, it’s our responsibility for making the social networking machine work correctly within the company’s digital strategy.

Managing, growing, and developing the digital community around a company or brand in order to establish positive and lasting relationships with followers and potential clients.

Passion is contagious, and even more so in an online community environment.


Measuring KPI (Key Performance Indicators) for Online Community Forums

The Successful Online Personality

An online Persona is informative, entertaining and inspiring.

Social Media Strategist

Create quality content on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Identify target audiences and schedule posts to maximize social media exposure. Also keep up to date with the latest social media trends.


Our team

Facebook asks me what’s on my mind. Twitter asks me what’s going on. LinkedIn offers me job opportunities. And YouTube tells me what to watch. Social Media is no reality show but oh Big Brother, It feels like a smothering mother...!!!

Leslie vZ Community Manager

No wait... Stand right there... Now turn a little to your left... Turn your face toward the sun... Tilt your chin down... A little more... A little more... Now up...OKAY, just hold that position, the light should be perfect in just a couple minutes...

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