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Marketing Strategies

S - Specific: clear and well defined goals
M - Measurable: precise goals
A - Attainable: should be achievable
R - Relevant: be aligned to the business goal
T - Time: should have a deadline for completion

Content Marketing

Educates, entertains and grabs the attention of prospects and audiences and results in leads, sales or advocacy.
Content should be valuable to your audience, fresh and current, and reflect positively on your brand!

Digital Marketing

Awareness - objectives that generate interest in a brand
Consideration - objectives that encourage people to learn more about what the brand offers
Conversion - objectives that encourage the audience who are interested


  • The importance of an SEO plan
SEO process - Keyword research
Identify SEO goals


Expand online presence
Conduct market research
Build brand awareness

Graphic Design

Creating a Brand Image:
Distinctive Logo
Fonts & Colouring
Look & Feel


Track and Measure performance
Understanding the Data Cycle
Analyze trends

Triage Plans

Scalability | Consistency
Alignment | Speed | Smarts

Website Design

Providing simple and clear navigation
Creating a consistent layout
Relevant and effective content