@ Sandown Blues Restaurant
Family Style Restaurant in Kleinmond
Sandown Blues Restaurant | 4 Strand St, KLEINMOND, 7195 +27 82 566 4368

And yet another load-shedding session... With the teens at school and no electricity to make some lunch, we decide to see what's happening at Sandown since the weather is absolutely gorgeous outside (so, heading down to the beach seems like a wonderful idea) of course!

Walking up the walkway to the stoep area you can't help but take in the fresh sea aroma around you and the sounds of the sea in the background (and seeing some with little ones and pets with their feet and paws having fun in the sand & water) we could feel Spring in the air!

Greeted by friendly staff our temperature was checked we found suitable seating on the stoep to enjoy the sea view. The staff wore their masks and was really attentive. 

Not being 'hAngry' but feeling a little rumble in the tummy our choice was a snack basket option, and we paired that with one of our favourite winemakers blend! 

If you enjoy a snack with a mild 'bite' to it then their samoosa's will definitely be a delight for you, this was served on a bed of freshly fried chips with a sweet chilly sauce on the side, and for us paired well with the Cherry Blossom red blend from Malanot Wines.

Sadly they are not serving Sushi for the remainder of 2020 but I am sure when their sushi menu and specials return it will be as Epic as it's always been ...


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