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The creation of Gossip Corner envisaged to merge the natural beauty of the area with delicious food offerings and equally fine wine selections from winefarms in the region.
Gossip Corner | 5 Anemone St, Rooiels, 7196 | +27 76 853 2955 admin@gossipcorner.co.za

Not only do you have a view when you park in front of this restaurant, you receive a warm welcome from polite and friendly staff as the massive wooden door opens to invite you inside... 

Not even the gale force winds and light rain shower could nudge the cosy atmosphere as we entered. With a small side step you follow the COVID-19 protocol (and even this was a treat with an interesting electronic camera / thermometer thing-a-majig) our temperature was recorded and we sanitized and although the tables downstairs near the crackling fireplace was an optional choice for seating I just could not resist climbing the stairs to the upstairs seating to see what the rest of this architectural beauty had to offer!

There is sanitizing stations visible above and below, the staff has masks on and there is enough seating options to keep a safe social distance (again perfect pitstop even during load-shedding...

Now let's get down to business the food experience - Oh my and what a treat it was... Their croissants was divine and the salmon was fresh and this entire dish with cream cheese melted in your mouth with each savoring bite. We enjoyed a wonderfully brewed coffee and had to end it off with a nice Benguela Cove blend (another favourite wine delight of ours) ... The food presentation was definitely inviting and my eyes enjoyed the gorgeous colours - it looked like art on a plate!

If you have not enjoyed a visit to this spot, treat yourself with something amazing - it's so worthwhile!!!


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