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Sundays: 09h00 - 17h00

It's not often that we as parents have an "off" weekend (or should I rather say teen free) but I guess that had more to do with lockdown and not being able to travel and visiting relatives and friends... But non the less we decided to embrace this time alone with a whole date-day and what better way to spend it at Elgin Railway Market, even with the rain pouring down outside this was a cozy outing all the way!

We decided to first walk around and pop in to all the lovely vendors upstairs with interesting products all round, and even purchased good quality cotton buffs (which is folded double and stitched so that it's not just a one layered buff) it's really comfortable and breathable to wear instead of struggling with a mask the whole time!

Then downstairs we went to find something to fill the small emptiness in our tummies and something refreshing to sip (of course...) We settled for a 'yummy' sushi platter which was freshly prepared and could not resist the L-Gin vendor, so we enjoyed a seriously refreshing cocktail with fresh fruits and some spice decor to round off these gorgeous drinks (a must if you enjoy Gin as much as we do!)

Nothing more relaxing to sit down and realizing that it's not music coming from the sound system via a playlist, but in fact live music from the stage in front of us, and the music created a wonderful mood and it was not overbearing that you weren't able to have a conversation with your partner, and this really made the atmosphere just so much more inviting to visit just a little while longer...


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