To Live Life is NOT just about 

Work | Eat | Sleep (repeat...)

"To live is the rarest thing in the world... Most people just exist..." Oscar Wilde

I therefore choose to engage all my senses to make the most of my Epic Beyond Ordinary journey by embracing live events and experiencing new destinations to 

blog about...




hello world ...

It's unbelievable how two people can have the same plate of food, and still have a completely different experience to what they are tasting... A group of friends will go zipline together and each one will give you a different perspective of how they experienced the activity...  The school takes a class on a science excursion and when the teacher asks each student to do a article about their outing as a writing activity, not one of the children will have the same written article!

So, why am I babbling on and on about this 'no one person will have the same experience' because you are probably sitting and reading this thinking to yourself - "Hello blogger! wake up everyone knows this..." 

Yes you're probably right if that's your way of thinking at the moment, but how many times have you actually thought about it recently? 

The current world population is 7.8 billion as of Sept. 2020 according to Worldometers.info and then there is interest in astrological signs which represents twelve equal segments of the zodiac and don't forget every zodiac cusp sign (another twelve) and for those that have no interest in star signs and all that jazz, would probably be more interested in human temperaments (which is basically your core personality)! 

Ultimately it really doesn't matter what your thoughts are about either, we were all created as individuals to experience life in our own unique way. Some of us take longer than others to find the answer to the universal question: "Why am I here?" or "What is my purpose on earth?" and then there are others that know exactly what they want and where they are heading...

But wherever you find yourself to be on your life journey, remember that you have to write your own story - you can't live life through someone else's emotions, thoughts, words or visions...




Travel far enough, you meet Yourself
- David Mitchell

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