Family Matters

Accredited Evergreen Parenting & Tall Trees Profiles Facilitator - Code:15090001

Evergreen Parenting Workshop or Club

We focus on equipping parents with effortless skills to enjoy their kids and embrace every scream, shout tantrum or manipulation as part of raising kids. We don't have to fight these behaviors, but rather to form them in a loving environment. Evergreen Parenting can be used as a tool to encourage and support you.

Why do the course?  

  • There is no shortcuts to maturity; it's a long term parenting process.
  • Get to know the building blocks of authority.
  • Learn to identify the unique moments of parenthood and choose the appropriate course of action.
  • Ideas on how to discipline in love.


Do you face any of these challenges?


  • Emotional immature behavior.
  • Inability and accidents.
  • Irresponsible with tasks, money, time and privileges.
  •  Attention seeking behavior.
  • Misbehavior towards others.
  • Manipulation.


Join us on a journey to address your various parenting needs. Understand your child, regain your authority and receive practical discipline advise for children of all ages!


Tall Trees Profiles


The reference to tall trees stems from the idiom that tall trees catch the most wind. Tall Trees equips each teenager and adult to become a tall tree that will remain standing even during the worst wind storm.


Our Beliefs

  1. Everybody has been created as a unique individual according to an intelligent design.
  2. Every person's design is tied to a life purpose and life plan.
  3. Relationships are everybody's most important growth challenge.
  4. The realisation of each individual's potential starts with self-knowledge and understanding of others.
  5. Everybody can be a leader by using their gifts in the right area, at the right time and in the right way.
  6. Each individual's unique combinations of temperaments supply us with a rich variety of information for personal growth.
  7. Respect for every individual's uniqueness and the acceptance of differences can bridge any gulf between people and cultures.